AUP Memory Timeline

This March 27, the AUP community celebrates 60 years since our founding in 1962. We’re raising our glasses to 60 years of studying on the Seine; 60 years of late night discussions in cafés and lifelong friendships forged in the AMEX; 60 years of study trips around the world; and 60 years of priceless memories that continue to inspire us today.

We asked you, the AUP community, to share your most cherished moments from your time at AUP. Below are your submissions, realized as a memory timeline.

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Cruising through the streets of Paris

“I took so many memorable drives with classmates in and around Paris in this car.”

– Lee Maloy ’64

Ski trip to Val-d’Isere

– Malinda (Might) Mitchell ’64

I am wearing a Harris tweed jacket that I still have

“My wife says I need to update my wardrobe.”

– Jeff Durgee ’64

Playing on the Men’s Basketball Team

– Ralph Mannheimer ’67

Study trip to Zermatt, Switzerland

– Andrew Fletcher ’78

Party in the Bosquet Building

Pictured left to right: Paul Sleeper and Dan Sherry

– Paul Sleeper ’79

Rehearsing for a ACP Class Play

– Paul Sleeper, ’79

The Franco-American Softball League in the Bois de Boulogne

– Andrew Fletcher ’78

The Franco-American Softball League in the Bois de Boulogne

– Andrew Fletcher ’78

Sitting at the Fontaine St. Michel

Pictured left to right: Tom Mogul, Steve Johnson

– William Stacey ’87

Hanging out at Parsons during an exhibit

Pictured: Evan Townsley, Werner Segara, and unknown

– Evan Townsley ’91

Class of 1964 Reunion Dinner at the Louvre in 2004

– Malinda (Might) Mitchell ’64

That time we did a photoshoot…

– Carli Seaver ’08

Sharing a glass of wine

– Carli Seaver ’08

The summer after graduating, we decided to camp at Fontainebleu

– Lonia Zylberman ’08

The Volleyball Dream Team

“The Volleyball Dream Team in its final season.”

Pictured from left to right: Yury Belanov, Marina Spasova, Thomas Benetreau, Pierre Bach, Elena Mateva, Kilian Ordelheide, Skander Jabbes, Le T. Quach and Kawa Banda.

– Kilian Ordelheide ’13

Scandinavian study trip

“This was taken at the UN City located in Copenhagen. MA in Cross-cultural and Sustainable Business Management / MSc in International Management (Sustainability Systems Track).”

– Hanis Zainul ’16

Orientation Week at Chateau Saint Just

“For students in the MA program in Cross-cultural and Sustainable Business Management & MSc in International Management (Sustainability Systems Track).”

– Hanis Zainul ’16

Celebrating Thanksgiving at The American Church in Paris

– Hanis Zainul ’16

Building Robotics in my FirstBridge Class

– Kerime Ece Güray ’21

Evening strolls around the city were always a delight

– Hibaq Dougsiyeh ’17

Wrapped up our final session with Dr. Robert Earhart. Next stop: Graduation!

– Hanis Zainul ’16

Graduation at Théâtre du Châtelet in May 2016

“Graduating with an MA in Cross-cultural and Sustainable Business Management & MSc. in International Management (Sustainability Systems Track).”

– Hanis Zainul ’16

Fall 2016 Orientation Week

“I was lucky to have been a Student Advisor three times while at AUP and at every Orientation, the Bateaux Mouches ride was always my favorite session. It’s a one hour and ten minute stroll down the River Seine watching the sky transition from day to night. Absolutely stunning.”

– Hanis Zainul ‘ 16

Fall 2016 Orientation Week with my new set of ducklings!

– Hanis Zainul ’16

Spring 2016 Orientation Week

“My favorite duckies. Love you guys!”

– Hanis Zainul ’16 (aka Mama Duck)

Stockholm Squad


Pictured here: Jocelyn Gan, Professor Earhart and Hanis Zainul

– Hanis Zainul ’16

Net Impact AUP takes on Nasdaq Stockholm

– Hanis Zainul ’16

Seeing the Northern Lights on an AUP Study Trip

“My favorite AUP memory is catching the northern lights during the cultural program trip to Iceland in April 2017. It was freezing and it took almost an hour or so of waiting to see them, but it was well worth the wait!”

Photo credit: Peregrine Olander

– Hibaq Dougsiyeh ’17

From HBCUs to AUP

– Stephanie Alexander ’17 

Who doesn’t love a trip to the Loire Valley?

“…Especially if it includes an afternoon of wine tasting and a visit to the beautiful Château du Chambord! Here’s us goofing off in front of the winery. You can tell we were truly living our best lives as AUP graduate students!”

– Joan Steiger ’18 

Beginning My AUP Journey

“This was my first day at AUP in 2018. Four years sure do fly by.”

– Andrew Callaghan ’22

Visiting the South of France

“This was taken on an art history class study trip in the south of France.”

– Karen Thomas ’19

Weekend trip to Bordeaux with AUP friends!

Pictured: Talia Lliteras ’19, Veronica Lineras ’18, Emily Ide G’19, Lindsey Obruzut ’19, Nicolette Jordan ’19, Candice Hays ’18

– Emily Ide G’19

Getting creative

– Karen Thomas ’19

The 2019 Christmas Party

“These were simpler times ❤️”

– Haya Tawil ’21

Graduating during the pandemic

– Azheen Mustafa ’21